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Clint Eastwood

I moseyed down to the olde saloon for a bowl of spaghetti. It was my lunch break and I was meeting a friend with the name I can never remember to discuss the package design for these films. As I entered there were tables upturned, broken dishes everywhere and the piano was eerily silent. Suddenly, Gunfire! The ugly to-go guy was pointing a gun at me! Wait…not at me… Like a ghost, my friend with no name, brandishing a gun of his own, steped through the entrance. Then from the kitchen, shuffling through the graveyard of dishes, coveting his own firearm, entered the head chef all in black. As I slinked down, my friend, in a three-way showdown, slowly lit a cigar. And music began to play.

  • Art Direction
  • Concept
  • Design
the animal on phone the animal on phone
the animal on phone
the animal on phone
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